The Canadian Association of Professionals with Disabilities

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There are many ways you can get involved!

Our federally incorporated non-profit was created by the sheer determination, commitment, and the volunteer efforts of a group of professionals with disabilities. Our highest priority was to create the society while listening to and engaging fellow professionals who all echoed the conviction that we need to “get on with it” or as one of our founders stated, “We have already had decades of discussion (in regards to employment and people with disabilities). If I can do something that will help fellow professionals with disabilities deal with the barriers that I have faced all my life, I’m happy to do it.”

Please help us make a difference for professionals with disabilities. Your support will help professionals with disabilities get beyond the ‘decades of discussion’ and take action to end their history of being under supported, underemployed, and excluded from the workforce.

You can start supporting us by spreading the word about our non-profit. Also, if you are interested (or would like more information) in becoming a supporter, providing in-kind or financial support or participating as a volunteer, mentor, corporate, community, or public sponsor/partner, please visit this section of the website for more information or contact us.

You can also support us through building networks and joining the Canadian Association of Professionals with Disabilities online discussion group. It is one means that we are using to find and work with committed professionals with disabilities and their supporters to take on active leadership and/or support roles to build a regional and national presence as well as to share other information that may come our way such as employment and other opportunities.

Volunteer opportunities vary and are dependent on the needs at the time. Examples of opportunities may be regional group leader, board member, governance, marketing, communications, writing, blog articles, special events, fundraising, mentoring, legal, accounting, human resources, volunteer management, special projects, committee work, network membership, board resource committee, knowledge/information acquisition, advocacy, board development, organizational development, strategic planning, administration, community liaison, community outreach, peer support, photography, social media, tech and/or website development, and management, ad-hoc/advisory committees, career postings coordinator, online discussion group moderators, and on-call volunteering. If you know how you can support us, and the opportunity is not listed here, please contact us. We welcome suggestions.

We would like people from across Canada to take on the role of building our presence throughout the nation. If you are interested in building the network/organized presence of professionals with disabilities across Canada, go to this e-mail link – Yes, I want to become actively involved in building a network/organized presence of professionals with disabilities across Canada.  Please state that you are interested in supporting this initiative and why you are interested in seeing such a presence  across Canada.

If you would like to share your thoughts on what you think are the issues affecting professionals with disabilities, you can e-mail, phone, or mail us. You can also provide us with suggestions. All this would add to the mandate of supporting professionals with disabilities in a manner that they value now and in the future.

Your support is greatly appreciated.

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