The Canadian Association of Professionals with Disabilities

Our Work

Resources are being directed to building a supportive and sustainable infrastructure and networks and creating a comprehensive vision and operational and strategic framework for the society’s development.

In the meantime, we are a conduit for employers who are looking to hire professionals with disabilities through tapping into our network of professionals with disabilities and guiding employers in the hiring process involving applicants with disabilities.

We are also searching out professionals with disabilities [including those who may have lost touch (or never were in touch) with disability, professional, and other relevant groups] as well as building up our knowledge base concerning professionals with disabilities and their issues in order to build an inclusive, supportive, collaborative, socially responsible, strong and vibrant network and organisation.

Our work so far has also involved: surveying and meeting with key stakeholders; supporting self-advocacy, peer support, and knowledge sharing; and the development of an organizational culture and structure that supports diverse grass roots solutions, along with local, regional, national and global collaboration and knowledge sharing leading to effective results that professionals with disabilities will have reason to value.

If you are interested in supporting us, please got to get involved or would like to share your thoughts on what you think are the issues affecting professionals with disabilities, please contact us.

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